Real Nameprivate
LocationWinnipeg, Canada
Staff PositionsBanjo Kazooie Wiki Staff, NeoCRS
Platforms OwnedN64, GBC, GBA, GBSP, NGC, Wii, NDS, PS2, PSP
OccupationWriter, Actor, Musician, Song-Writer, Singer, Artist, Web Developer


Banjo Kazooie Wiki Staff

Hi. Some of you may know me as being one of the Banjo Kazooie Wiki Staff members. Please visit this page for more details on how I can help you with the wiki if you need assistance.


Hi. My name is Landis, and I live in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. I am 13 years old, and I love a ton of different things, like sports, digital art, and music. I first joined Neoseeker back on April 8th, 2007. I was browsing the site, looking for cheats for a new game I had just gotten on the DS. I figured, Neoseeker helped me so much, I mine aswell join. I was very confused at first, and left neoseeker for awhile. It didn't happen for another 4 months until I posted again, asking people to come to my town in a game with Wi-Fi I was playing. Of course, I posted in the wrong forum, and people got angry at me, and called me a girl (they didn't know I was a guy yet). I left Neoseeker again, as I didn't really find what I was looking for, and I was too lazy to search. It wasn't for two more months after that, when a friend I met from the same game, asked me if I had a Neoseeker. I at first, thought I didn't, but I remembered my password and username, Starborn, somehow, and was able to login. My friend gave me a bare-bones idea of how the site worked. I was still confused, and I didn't really get much until a few months later had passed, and I had gotten to know some cool people, and post in some different forums. I have just posted in Loungin' on the eve of Christmas in 2007. I remember posting in a suicide thread trying to help someone to not commit it. I was practically a noob still (and probably still are :P), but I really didn't grasp the concept of how important the forum rules were. It wasn't until January 1st, when I received my first ban (from a person who is now a great friend ;D. You know who you are if you read this and you are that person). It wasn't for anything like insulting someone, or spamming, but rather, wrecking a person's town. I never even posted bad. My grammar was rather neat, and I didn't make a ton of typos or spelling mistakes. During the month of January, I created my first clan with two of my old friends (both who are permanently banned for being bad). It was incredibly spammy looking over the thread now, and I was surprised it was still up. The months went by quickly, and I still went online that game, which is Animal Crossing. I went on with my good friend Gray Shadow often, and we used to have little "Sleep-over" events, where we keep our DS's on all night, and if we were both awake at the same time, we'd talk to eachother. We usually stayed up until 3-4AM, especially once the summer came. In February of 2008, I made my first thread in Loungin'. It was on the Ice Age, and I don't even find it amusing or any what relevant to what I would've made a year later. That was the month where I made my 2000th post. Most of those posts were from Loungin' and from the main forum I stayed at. I began making posts rapidly, at speeds that I am still astonished I made then. Some people may think I have no life for having so many posts in just a couple of years, but during February, March, and April were the time of my life where things were going downhill really quickly. My life was very unsteady, and I was burdened with a ton of stress. March 2008 was the first date I ever wrote my first user review. I was bored, and thought I would give it a try. It was in queue for like 10 days, and I was asked to edit it a few times before it could be approved, but it was approved fortunately. The quality of the review then, is far worse than the quality that I can make my user review todays. By April of 2008, I have became a mega posting addict. I posted 200 times one day, the most stressful day of my life where I blocked out most things. I was gaining posts very quickly, and many of my really good friends signed my guestbook for my official "Neo Birthday". I hadn't really posted until 6 months earlier, but oh well. It was still nice to receive 4-5 stamps on that day, and having getting more stamps the next day on ward. Things gradually became better, and things headed for the best. I had continued writing some user reviews, and contributing to Neoseeker a little. May and June were months where I practically did nothing. I did visit Gamegrep for the first time in May (did nothing), and found it hard to understand. When June came, school was about to end. The end of Grade 7 is a really refreshing feeling. During the summer break, I often went to bed early, and woke up really early. I would usually walk to the river and sit back and relax for an hour to calm myself down. I played some sports with my friends, and talked to them a lot on AIM and over the phone. I still posted very frequently. Near the end of July, my friend and I would always go on Animal Crossing still, and continue to talk there and take more sleepover tasks. On the date of my actual birthday, July 25th, I got tons of presents, tons of phone calls, and a few nice people on AIM wishing me a great day. That night was a very memorable moment. My friends all gathered for a late night sleepover, and we dressed up in strange clothes and played games. (I remember vividly, that Gray Shadow was a Captainwomanz, and possibly a Pilot at some point (she liked the pointy glasses :3), but I can't remember). I had a pretty good birthday despite other years, and enjoyed my cake. In August, I began created graphics using the GNU Image Manipulation Program (also known as GIMP) to begin the art I dreamed of doing. Many people's avatars and signatures inspired me to get started. I honestly sucked, and if it wasn't for Phenomena/Katsumi, I probably wouldn't be at the level of graphic expertise I am today. August was also the month when I reached the astonishing goal of 10000 posts in just a short time frame. (Take note, that those 3 months, April, March, and February contributed a lot to that number). September, I came back to school. I practically was a good kid in school, and Neoseeker never really got in the way of grades or academics. I really found September as one of those months where things just flew by quickly. I reunited with some of my old friends from school, and from Neoseeker, and things seemed fine. October was a funny month. I had met two awesome people, who are still my friends today. Ian and Mistress Nikkai (or Nikki/Nicole. Whatever you like d;). They were very kind people who made me feel like family. I had broken away from many of my old friends from January, as they had all became incredibly inactive, left to different forums, or left Neoseeker itself. I began to look at Neowikis in November, as they had been a new edition for a few months now. I began feeling more depressed near the end of October. Things were just making me want to crumble, and I became very nervous and unsteady in my home environment. It had probably been my first official, "1 year" on Neoseeker since I began posting a ton. November was the month where I felt as if I knew practically everything there was about Neoseeker. I knew where specific forums were, how to access things, and whatnot. My site, Hamarua, had also grown in popularity (mostly from my friends being very kind to join). November was the month when I met Sarvani. Sarvani would have to be one of the kindess and nicest people ever on Neoseeker. She was incredibly nice, and we eventually became a neo couple. December had came in just as quickly. Some of my friendships had began to crumble, and my life was headed for a terrible U Turn. My parents began to argue, as well as my sister, and that really stressed me out. I tried my best to ignore that though. On December 18th, 2008, I officially became a CRS staff member to help out in the Cheat, AR Codes, Gameshark Codes, and Codebreaker Codes queues. It was fun, and it has been very fun since I joined. January came in as one of the worst months I had dealt with. My depression became unbearable, and I had a ton of family struggles changing my mood 100%. Only a few people ever could really cheer me up, and fortunately, they did eventually. I had just gotten off the winter break, and a ton of things had continued to strike me down. I was able to win a free name change in the NeoRaffle for 2009. Thanks tekmosis for being kind enough to offer it :). I changed my name from Starborn, to Altaura (which I am beginning to regret). February was a stressful month again. I became very depressed, and tried to make myself feel better by fixing my home issues and fixing issues I had with Neoseeker. I had changed quite a bit, and felt misplaced on Neoseeker and at home. March was a great month too, but similar to February, I felt very insecure. I have been planning to contribute to the Banjo Kazooie Neowiki to take my mind off of all of my problems, and put more focus into my friendships and relationships on Neoseeker and in my real life. After coming back from Spring Break, life has became a lot easier for me to deal with. I have still been stressed, and had to deal with some losings, but still, it has gotten better.

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