The Zubbas' Nest

The Zubbas' Nest
TheZubbaNest.jpgA picture of inside the Zubbas' Nest during the autumn season.
Sub LocationsNone
Notable CharactersZubbas
Other LocationsEyrie's Nest, Nabnut's House, Gnawty's House, The Tree House, The Bramble Field, The Zubbas' Nest, Gobi's Garden, Click Clock Wood Pond, Click Clock Wood Entrance Garden

The Zubbas' Nest is a medium sized golden nest which can be found attached to the large tree inside Click Clock Wood. The Zubbas' Nest is home to the Zubbas, small bee like creatures. During the spring season, you will be able to get into the Zubbas' Nest in bee transformation (from Mumbo Jumbo transforming you in Mumbo's Skull, found by The Bramble Field). In the spring time, you will be able to obtain a small Jinjo. During the summer time, Banjo and Kazooie will be able to enter the nest by breaking through the top. All of the Zubbas will begin to attack Banjo and Kazooie to obtain a Jiggie. During the autumn season, the nest will be completely cleared out except for a single Zubba remaining. There will be two Caterpillars inside the nest, and a couple of Musical Notes that can be obtained.

[edit] The Zubbas

The Zubbas are bee like characters that act as a boss in Click Clock Wood. They will attack Banjo and Kazooie by flying at them.

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