The Mansion

The Mansion
Ring.h1.jpgA picture of the exterior of The Mansion.
Sub LocationsThe Dining Room

The Cellar
The Bathroom

The Bedroom
Notable CharactersLoggo
Other LocationsThe Mansion, The Dining Room, The Bathroom, The Bedroom, The Cellar, Hedge Maze, The Well, Tumblar's Shack, The Haunted Church, The Graveyard

The Mansion is a large location found inside Mad Monster Mansion in Banjo-Kazooie. The Mansion is a large building owned by Gruntilda Winkybunion. The Mansion has many rooms connected to it, including The Dining Room, The Cellar, The Bedroom, and The Bathroom.

The exterior of the mansion resembles more of a haunted mansion than a normal one. You will be able to climb atop of the mansion onto the roof as Banjo and as a pumpkin. You will be able to enter the mansion in many ways as well, including the chimney on top of the mansion, which leads into The Dining Room. You will be able to get into the Cellar through a small hole in the wall as well.

[edit] Characters

Characters like Napper the Ghost and Loggo the Toilet can be found inside the Dining Room and Bathroom, respectively, inside of the mansion.

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