The Dining Room

The Dining Room
Mad Monster Mansion Napper.jpgA picture of the interior of The Mansion in The Dining Room.
Sub LocationsNone
Notable CharactersNapper
Other LocationsThe Mansion, The Dining Room, The Bathroom, The Bedroom, The Cellar, Hedge Maze, The Well, Tumblar's Shack, The Haunted Church, The Graveyard

The Dining Room is one of the rooms inside of The Mansion in the world, Mad Monster Mansion. The Dining Room is one of the four main rooms in The Mansion. This room is one of the large rooms in the Mansion that holds a large rectangular table, chairs all around the table, paintings all around the room, and a fireplace on the side. The Dining Room is home to Napper, a sleep ghost that is sleeping on top of the table.

[edit] Jiggies

A Jiggie in The Dining Room can be obtained by getting Napper to move from his spot on top of the Jiggie.

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