Rusty Bucket Bay

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Rusty Bucket Bay
RustyBucketBay.pngA picture The Rusty Bucket in Rusty Bucket Bay.
BossesBoss Boom Box
Major CharactersSnorkel
Jiggies Required10 to unlock door.
LocationsThe Rusty Bucket

Engine Room
Captain's Cabin
Shipmate's Quarters
The Ship's Kitchen
Cargo Hold
Anchor Hold
Map Room
The Warehouses
The Toxic Waste Pool

Storage Sheds

Rusty Bucket Bay is the eighth world in Banjo-Kazooie. Rusty Bucket Bay is a thought to be the hardest level in Banjo Kazooie, even though it has a preceding level, Click Clock Wood. Rusty Bucket Bay is a large open cargo ship surrounded by water. Most of Rusty Bucket Bay is under water, much like Clanker's Cavern. There are many different rooms in Rusty Bucket Bay, like the Engine Room, Kitchen, and Captain's Room.


[edit] Jiggie Locations

1st Jiggie: The first Jiggie can be found inside the warehouse to the exact right of the exit pad.

2nd Jiggie: The second Jiggie can be found on top of the stacks of smoke

3rd Jiggie: The third Jiggie can be obtained by entering the code, "'312-111'" in the whistle switches area.

4th Jiggie: The fourth Jiggie can be obtained inside the Engine Room on top of a platform.

5th Jiggie: The fifth Jiggie can be obtained by finding all five Jinjos. (See below for details.)

6th Jiggie: The sixth Jiggie can be obtained by beating Boss Boom Box through a battle with Banjo and Kazooie.

7th Jiggie: The seventh Jiggie can be obtained by moving the crane to lift the cage protecting the Jiggie, and then snagging it before time runs out.

8th Jiggie: The eighth Jiggie can be obtained by rescuing Snorkel from an anchor pinning him to the ground.

9th Jiggie:

10th Jiggie:

[edit] Note Locations

[edit] Jinjos

Jinjo 1: The first Jinjo can be found inside a teal crate on the side of the Bay.

Jinjo 1: The second Jinjo can be found floating on top of a small barrel floating in toxic fluid.

Jinjo 3: The third Jinjo can be obtained by shooting eggs into the toll.

Jinjo 4: The fourth Jinjo can be obtained floating on an object with a yellow flag attached.

Jinjo 5: The fifth Jinjo can be found under a grate near a beehive.

[edit] Honeycombs

  • A honeycomb can be found on a windowsill leading up to the Engine Room.
  • Another honeycomb can be found in the flooded warehouse to the side of the Bay.

[edit] Other

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