Old King Coal

Old King Coal
Full NameOld King Coal
Series AppearanceBanjo Tooie
AppearanceRocky, gray, red
SizeExtra Large
PagesGlitter Gulch Mine

Old King Coal appears in Banjo Tooie as the second boss in the game, and the first major boss in Glitter Gulch Mine. Old King Coal lives in the mines under the Plateau in a hot lava filled room awaiting Banjo and Kazooie's entrance. Old King Coal can be found in the Boiler Room by Chuffy's Train. Old King Coal does not welcome any visitors into the boiler room, and if Banjo or Kazooie enters, Old King Coal will attack you.

Old King Coal does not have many moves which can inflict damage. The boiler room can become very hot and suffocate Banjo and Kazooie. The room can also fill up with lava, meaning that you will have to move to a higher elevated area to protect yourself. To damage Old King Coal, you must either attack him directly, or shoot different eggs at him. As the battle progresses, Old King Coal will slowly crumble into nothing. Once you have beaten Old King Coal, you will obtain a Jiggie.

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