Locked Notedoors

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In Banjo-Kazooie, locations throughout Grunty's Lair are locked by Musical Note doors. You will not be able to pass unless you have the amount of notes that is embedded into the door. Up to 100 notes can be found in each level, and most of them can be found on trails, in nooks, and under water. You will not be able to reach the next level until you unlock the locked note doors. As the game progresses, the notes on the doors will increase.

[edit] Notes to Unlock each Door

A picture of a Note door which has already been unlocked.
Note Door Required Notes to Open Door Unlocks
First Note Door 50 Notes Opens room with Grunty Portrait on the wall.
Second Note Door 180 Notes Opens the Pipe Drainage Room.
Third Note Door 260 Notes Opens room with large Grunty statue.
Fourth Note Door 350 Notes Opens the Inferno Room.
Fifth Note Door 450 Notes Opens the Water level room.
Sixth Note Door 640 Notes Opens the entrace to Click Clock Wood.
Seventh Note Door 765 Notes Opens entrance to Grunty's Furnace Fun room.
Eighth Note Door 810 Notes Opens room with the Grunty's Puzzle game.
Ninth Note Door 828 Notes Opens one in Dingpot's room.
Tenth Note Door 846 Notes Opens one in Dingpot's room.
Eleventh Note Door 864 Notes Opens one in Dingpot's room.
Twelfth Note Door 882 Notes Opens one in Dingpot's room.

Once you have 765 notes or more, you will be able to access Grunty's Furnace Fun, which is the last main stage in the game.

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