Napper is a green ghost found in Mad Monster Mansion, on top of the dining room table in Gruntilda's mansion. Napper sleeps on top of the table, holding a Jiggy inside of him. If Banjo steps on the dining room floor, making the floor creak, Napper will wake up.

Banjo can get Napper's Jiggy without waking him up by coming through the fireplace and jumping onto a chair and then onto the table without touching the floor, and then walking through Napper. Napper goes away after his Jiggy is stolen.

Napper usually rhymes in his sentences like Grunty does.

Full NameNapper ???
Series AppearanceBanjo-Kazooie
ClassificationMinor Villain
AppearanceGhost-like, green.
PagesMad Monster Mansion
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