A basic Jiggy puzzle piece.
Item NameJiggy
Series AppearanceBanjo-Kazooie

Banjo Tooie
Banjo Pilot
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge
EffectAllows Banjo to access areas.
AppearanceYellow/gold, jigsaw-like


[edit] Banjo Kazooie

Jigsaw pieces, or Jiggies, for short, are the most important item in the Banjo-Kazooie games. In each level there are a total of 10 Jiggies that can be found, and are the main reward that Banjo and Kazooie seek. Jiggies are used to open new worlds in the game and can be achieved in many different ways. By opening new worlds, Banjo and Kazooie get closer to rescuing Banjo's sister, Tooty. The most common ways in which a Jiggy can be found are:

  • By beating bosses of worlds.
  • By helping local inhabitants of a world out.
  • By collecting all five Jinjos in that world.
  • Solving a Puzzle/Riddle in that world

Unlockable Worlds

Location Jiggies Required to Enter World
Mumbo's Mountain 1 Jiggy Required
Treasure Trove Cove 2 Jiggies Required
Clanker's Cavern 5 Jiggies Required
Bubblegloop Swamp 7 Jiggies Required
Freezeezy Peak 8 Jiggies Required
Gobi's Valley 9 Jiggies Required
Mad Monster Mansion 10 Jiggies Required
Rusty Bucket Bay 12 Jiggies Required
Click Clock Wood 15 Jiggies Required
Top of the Tower 25 Jiggies Required

[edit] Banjo-Tooie

Jiggies are small golden pieces of a jigsaw puzzle which are collected throughout the game. There are 10 Jiggies in each world, like previously in Banjo-Kazooie, and each Jiggie has it's own little task in order to obtain it. In Banjo-Tooie, Jiggies are required to enter Jiggywiggy's Temple. If you have a certain amount of Jiggies you will be granted entry into the temple and allowed to take one of Jiggywiggy's challenges, which involve completing a puzzle of a moving scene from the world you are trying to open within 120 seconds. If you complete the challenge Master Jiggywiggy will use the power of the Crystal Jiggy to open the door to a new world for you.

Unlockable Worlds

Below lists how many Jiggies it will take to unlock each world. As the game progresses, it will take more Jiggies to unlock the worlds.

Location Jiggies Required to Enter World
Mayahem Temple 1 Jiggy Required
Glitter Gulch Mine 4 Jiggies Required
Witchy World 8 Jiggies Required
Jolly Roger's Lagoon 14 Jiggies Required
Terrydactyl land 20 Jiggies Required
Grunty Industries 28 Jiggies Required
Hailfire Peaks 36 Jiggies Required
Cloud Cuckoo Land 45 Jiggies Required
Cauldron Keep 55 Jiggies Required

[edit] Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge

In Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge, Jiggies serve a similar purpose. By taking them to Master Jiggywiggy he can use their magic to break the spell blocking you from entering new worlds, if you did not have enough.

[edit] Banjo Pilot

In Banjo Pilot there is a mode known as the Jiggy GP. In this mode there are 6 Jiggies scattered in various places around the track. You must race Bottles while trying to collect as many Jiggies as possible. To win you need to collect at least one Jiggy and beat Bottles.

[edit] Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts

In Banjo-Kazooie:Nuts & Bolts, Jiggies are once again the main item to collect. Jiggies are as large as Banjo, and have their own physics, making them lighter then Part Boxes. The Jiggies in this game are acquired more easily then any other Banjo game. There is a large Jiggy Bank in Showdown Town.

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