Grunty's Industries


[edit] Introduction

Grunty Industries is a large factory run by Grunty herself. Inside this industry corporation vile toxic beasts lie in wait to attack you, and to defend their industry. Practically everything in this industry is filled with toxic waste and junk, most of which is poisonous so watch out! Deformed beasts will roam around Grunty's factory and attack you. Characters such as washing machines and plants are looking for their prey!

[edit] Information

Location: Quagmire
Bosses: ur mom
Jiggies Required: 28
Number of Characters 9
Difficulty 8/10

[edit] Jiggy Locations

1st Jiggy:
2nd Jiggy:
3rd Jiggy:
4th Jiggy:
5th Jiggy:
6th Jiggy:
7th Jiggy:
8th Jiggy:
9th Jiggy:
10th Jiggy:

[edit] Minigames

Clinker's Cavern:
Packing Room:

[edit] Characters

Wrench Worker:
Toxic Waste Barrels:
Swamp Monster:
Fast Grip Grab Plant:

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