A picture of a doubloon.
Series AppearanceBanjo Tooie
EffectCurrency for Jolly Roger Lagoon
AppearanceGolden, skull-shape print, heptagonal.

Doubloons are a currency used to purchase items in the Jolly Roger Lagoon world. In Banjo Tooie, you can purchase these items from the shops that take the currency. Mainly, Pawno's Emporium will sell items that can be used in the game, but place such as Jolly's Tavern, and Captain Blubber's Waveracer Hire also accept this currency.

[edit] Locations of Doubloons

Below is a rough location guide to where all of the doubloons can be found. There are a total of 30 doubloons to be found, but you only need 28 to purchase everything in the stores that are available in the game.

  • 6 Doubloons can be found by circling the harbor side.
  • 4 Doubloons can be found in the lagoon underneath the caged Jingo.
  • 4 Doubloons can be found in the Turtle View Cave.
  • 4 Doubloons can be found at the very bottom of the pool owned by Piggie and Trotty.
  • 4 Doubloons can be found in the green light near the entrance of Mumbo Jumbo's lobby.
  • 3 Doubloons can be found at the far side of the lagoon. A small patch of dark land will be there available to perch on will be there. Bill Drill the dark patch and a Shock Spring panel will appear. Use Kazooie to push you into the air to reach three more doubloons.
  • 3 Doubloons can be found under dark areas of the town. Use the Bill Drill technique to find 3 of these. Note, not all of these pathces will contain a doubloon, only 3 random ones will.
  • 2 Doubloons can be achieved by fetching Captain Blackeye a cup of water.

[edit] Cost of Items

  • The cost of the Jiggie is 20 doubloons.
  • The cost of the 'Cheato Page is 5 doubloons.
  • The cost of the Turbo Trainers is 1 doubloons
  • Two doubloons can be spent to rent a room at Jolly's Tavern
  • The other two doubloons are provided as extras and have no use in the game.

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