Click Clock Wood

Click Clock Wood
Ccwoodentrance.jpgA picture of the entrance to Click Clock Woods.
Major CharactersEyrie


Jiggies Required15 to unlock door.
LocationsEyrie's Nest

Nabnut's House
Gnawty's House
The Tree House
The Bramble Field
The Zubbas' Nest
Gobi's Garden
Click Clock Wood Pond

Click Clock Wood Entrance Garden

Click Clock Wood is the final world in Banjo Kazooie before facing Gruntilda Winkybunion. Click Clock Wood is an open forest typed land, larger than others. Click Clock Wood changes four times into four different seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. There is a large tree which in the main feature of Click Clock Wood. To get to Click Clock Wood, you must have unlocked note locked doors to reach the puzzle for Click Clock Wood. You will need a minimum of 15 Jiggies to complete the puzzle. The Entrance to Click Clock Wood can be found at the root of the tree stump.


[edit] Jiggie Locations

1st Jiggie: Find all 5 Jinjos in Click Clock Wood. Two are found in spring, and one in every other season.

2nd Jiggie: Hatch Eyrie's egg in the first season, and feed him 5 caterpillars in summer, and another 10 caterpillars in autumn. Eyrie will give you a Jiggy in the winter as gratitude.

3rd Jiggie: In Autumn, give 6 acorns you find around the tree to Nabnut, the squirrel, and he will give you a Jiggy as gratitude.

4th Jiggie: During Summer, climb up the tree and, walk around the right side of the treehouse to the Jiggy.

5th Jiggie: During the spring season in Click Clock Wood, go into the highest part of the tree, and enter the room filled with Whipcracks.

6th Jiggie: During the summer season, go inside of The Tree House.

7th Jiggie: During the summer season, break open the boulder in front of Gnawty's House. Come back to Gnawty's house during the autumn season, and you will receive a Jiggie as a reward.

8th Jiggie: Plant a few eggs in the holes around the ground during spring, and return in summer and autumn and use the Beak Buster move on Gobi.

9th Jiggie: Defeat all of the Zubbas, using your Golden feathers, during the summer season.

10th Jiggie: As a bee, fly as high as you can up the tree, look for a branch sticking out with snapping-plant dude on it - he has a jiggie!

[edit] Note Locations

  • 4 Notes are outside the Spring door
  • 16 Notes are in the Spring, Summer and Winter seasons
  • 48 Notes are found in the Autumn season, the most out of the four Seasons that compose Click Clock Wood

[edit] Jinjos

Jinjo 1: The first Jinjo, purple, can be found inside the large honeycomb. You must enter the honeycomb in bee transformation to obtain the Jinjo.

Jinjo 2: The second Jinjo, orange, can be found in autumn in a pile of leaves.

Jinjo 3: The third Jinjo, blue, can be found in winter on top of Mumbo Jumbo's house.

Jinjo 4: The fourth Jinjo, yellow, can be found in summer near the entrance of Click Clock Wood.

Jinjo 5: The fifth Jinjo, green, can be found at the top of The Tree House during the spring season.

[edit] Other

  • An extra honeycomb can be found inside the window of Nabnut's attic.
  • An extra honeycomb can also be found inside Gnawty's house during the winter.

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