A picture of Wozza in Banjo Kazooie
Full NameWozza ???
Series AppearanceBanjo-Kazooie
Appearanceblue, purple, walrus-like.
PagesJinjo, Frezeezy Peak

[edit] Description

Wozza is a large, purple Walrus who resides in Frezeezy Peak. He is scared of Banjo and he will block the entrance to his cave whenever Banjo comes near. When Banjo transforms into a walrus using Mumbo's magic, Banjo can go to Wozza's cave and Wozza will give Banjo (as a walrus) a Jiggy. You will need to change back to Banjo in order to get the Jinjo inside Wozza's cave. Wozza's cave holds the Ice Key; one of the Stop 'N' Swop items. He will only give you a jiggy if you are Walrus Banjo, but he'll allow Banjo into his cave as a bear to rescue the Jinjo.

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