Full NameTumblar
Series AppearanceBanjo-Kazooie
AppearanceGlass, aqua, clear.
PagesGeorge Ice Cube, Mildred Ice Cube, Tumblar's Shack, Mad Monster Mansion

Tumblar, appearing in Mad Monster Mansion's, Tumblar's Shack is a glass like character related to George and Mildred Ice Cube. Tumblar is a glass shaped cube protecting a Jiggy inside Tumblar's Shack.

The Jiggy can be obtained as part of a Mini-Game. This Mini-Game, similar to one earlier in the game, requires the spelling out of Banjo-Kazooie within the time limit, albeit with a different twist.

Instead of using the Beak Buster on the letters, Banjo must jump onto Tumblar and move around the board in a manner resembling an Ouija Board. In addition to getting the spelling correct, Banjo must avoid the spaces that have Grunty's face on them, along with a purple Tee-Hee that circles the area.

Spelling Banjo-Kaozoie within the time limit causes Tumblar to disappear, yielding his Jiggy to the winners of the challenge. If this Mini-Game comes up during a Physical Challenge during Grunty's Furnace Fun, the spelling of Banjo-Kazooie must be done backwards.

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