The Tree House

The Tree House
TheTreehouse.jpgA picture of The Tree House on top of a branch connected to the tree.
Sub LocationsNone
Notable CharactersNone
Other LocationsEyrie's Nest, Nabnut's House, Gnawty's House, The Tree House, The Bramble Field, The Zubbas' Nest, Gobi's Garden, Click Clock Wood Pond, Click Clock Wood Entrance Garden

The Tree House is a large wooden house nested on top of a branch on the large tree in Click Clock Wood. The Tree House can be accessed through all of the seasons in the world. Throughout the seasons, the Tree House will gradually complete itself from where it started in the spring time. In spring, this house will be only in pieces, and by autumn, the Tree House will have been completed. Banjo and Kazooie will not be able to enter The Tree House during winter, as it will be completely boarded up.

[edit] Tree House Jiggy

A Jiggy can be obtained inside the Tree House during the summer season. The Jiggy can be found on the far corner of the place. Banjo will only be able to obtain it by slowly walking across the steep floor plans. If Banjo and Kazooie fall, they will need to climb all the way back up the tree and try again. Banjo will be able to get this Jiggy again during the autumn season when the house is finally completed if Banjo had not yet obtained the Jiggy in the previous season.

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