The Haunted Church

The Haunted Church
Stainedglassmural.jpgA picture of Banjo and Kazooie depicted onto stained glass. This window is found on the exterior of The Haunted Church.
Sub LocationsThe Graveyard
The Secret Room
Notable CharactersMotzand

Master Hand

Crazy Hand
Other LocationsThe Mansion, The Dining Room, The Bathroom, The Bedroom, The Cellar, Hedge Maze, The Well, Tumblar's Shack, The Haunted Church, The Graveyard

The Haunted Church is another large building found in Mad Monster Mansion. The Haunted Church resembles a normal older day church. The Haunted Church is a larger version of a regular church with large rows of church theme benches, and a large church organ at the front. The Haunted Church is home to Motzand, a large hand who plays organ music at the church. You will be able to obtain a Jiggie by mimicking Motzand, Master Hand and Crazy Hand at playing the organ. The exterior church is very similar to the interior. The church is made out of large stone bricks and can be climbed on top of. A stained glass window of Banjo and Kazooie can also be found on the exterior. You will also be able to get to The Haunted Clock Tower as well and access other higher areas.

[edit] Motzand & other hands

Motzand, Master Hand and Crazy Hand are important characters found inside the church. You will obtain a Jiggie from Motzand by completing all three rounds of playing the organ with Motzand and his other hands, each getting steadily harder.

[edit] Secret Room

A secret room attached to the church can be accessed by shooting Eggs at the Banjo and Kazooie mimicked window. Many different items can be found to restore your inventory can be found inside this room.

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