The Bathroom

The Bathroom
Thebathroom.jpgA picture of the interior of The Mansion in The Bathroom with Loggo in the corner.
Sub LocationsNone
Notable CharactersLoggo
Other LocationsThe Mansion, The Dining Room, The Bathroom, The Bedroom, The Cellar, Hedge Maze, The Well, Tumblar's Shack, The Haunted Church, The Graveyard

The Bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in The Mansion. The Bathroom can be found on the second floor of The Mansion. The bathroom is tiled with light tiles, and the walls are made of bricks with Loggo, the toilet sitting in the corner with a rug surrounding the toilet.

[edit] Loggo

To obtain a Jiggie, you will need to access The Bathroom and have Loggo flush you down himself, and then navigate through the pipes. Loggo appearing in Mad Monster Mansion is the first time this popular character appears in the whole Banjo Kazooie series.

[edit] Mystery Egg

After entering the specific code in the sand castle, a green mystery egg will appear on top of Loggo.

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