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Targitzan is the giant totem pole boss of Mayhem Temple, he appears the be the main deity worshiped in the area.


[edit] Location

Targitzan is located deep within his temple atop the might pyramid that dominates the landscape at Mayhem Temple. To enter his temple Banjo must learn the Breegull Blaster move from Jamjars, he must then collect 20 statues hidden within the temple to open the door of the really sacred chamber where Targitzan awaits.

[edit] Attacks

Targitzan fires a dart out of one of his many mouths, this is Targitzan's main attack and the only one that can be really be considered an attack.

Targitzan spawns a swarm of moggies and stops attacking, after all the moggies have been defeated the fight resumes as normal.

After Targitzan has been defeated he will activate his sacred self destruct as a last ditch attempt to defeat you. A 10 second timer will appear and when it reaches zero Targitzan will explode sending out a wave of darts that covers the whole room. If you are defeated by this attack Targitzan will win and you will have to fight him from the start again.

[edit] Defeating Targitzan

Defeating Targitzan is a very straightforward process, on each level of the totem pole the a small yellow targets. If you shoot a target it will turn dull grey, turn all targets grey and that level will explode, take too long however and a target can turn yellow again. Targitzan will then summon a swarm wave of moggies which you must defeat to continue, each wave is bigger than the last, starting with 2 moggies and the final having 6. Each level of the totem pole (exepct for the first one) also has faces which shoot darts at you, each having more than the last, you can simply run out of the way or hide behind the many stone barriers scattered through the room, however take note that the barrier will break after a few hits from a dart. Once you destroy all of Targitzan's layers bringing him down to the head he will active his sacred self destruct, simply hide behind one of the stone barriers and there you go, you've won the fight.

[edit] Other appearences

Targitzan appears in Banjo-Kazooie:Nuts & Bolts as an exhibit in Banjo land. The exact replica of his head is part of a jiggy challenge. Soccer balls come out of his mouth when a switch is pressed. Also, he has a classic N64 portrait in Banjo Land.

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