Full NameSpeccy
Series AppearanceBanjo-Tooie
AppearanceBrown, pale, mole-like.
Mrs. Bottles

Speccy is Bottles' son. He is found in his room at Bottles' house where he plays with his toy plane. When Banjo and Kazooie first speak to him, he tells them about his dad, Bottles, playing in a kickball tournament against the Jinjos. Kazooie tells Speccy about Bottles being killed by Grunty's fatal spell to see how he reacts, but he does not know what she means. Banjo replies with "Oh, nothing", trying to keep it a secret that Bottles is dead.

Speccy has a passageway in his room that can only be opened by King Jingaling. The door opens when Banjo and Kazooie ask Jingaling to open it, so they can have access to Wooded Hollow to see Master Jiggywiggy. But the door closes after Bottles' party, along with the front door.

After Bottles has returned home and is at the table with burnt food, Speccy can be seen in the background; running around the house playing with his toy plane.

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