[edit] Spiral Mountain

A picture of Banjo, Kazooie, and Bottles in Spiral Mountain.

Spiral Mountain in the first place you will end up in. It is the home to Banjo, Kazooie, and their friends, Cheato, and Bottles Spiral Mountain is almost exactly the same as it was in the previous game, Banjo Kazooie. You will be able to learn most of your basic moves here from Bottles. There are three small locations in Spiral Mountain. Those locations are Banjo's House, Gruntilda Winkybunion's Lair, and Behind the Waterfall.

[edit] Jinjo Village

The Jinjo village is a main location in the game. In the Jinjo Village, you can find all 9 of the Jinjo houses, the Temple (owned by King Jingaling), and the route to Bottle's house. This is the first location that you will be able to access in Banjo Tooie. You will be able to get into this area by passing through Spiral Mountain.

[edit] Bottle's House

Bottles house can be found just a short distance away from King Jingaling's temple. You will be able to access the Wooded Hollow location by entering Bottle's House, and going through Speccy's room in the house.

[edit] Wooded Hollow

This place can be access by going into Speccy's room from Bottle's house. You are able to access many locations in the Wooded hollow, like Jiggywiggy's Temple, the entrance to Mayhem Temple (the first world), and also Heggy Hen's hideout and her egg.

[edit] Plateau

The Plateau is a small sandy dry location higher elevated. The Plateau can be access by entering the small pathway on a cliff side by Bottle's house. You will need to learn the move, Grip Grab, to access the heights of this area. The entrance to the underground world, Glitter Gulch Mine (the second world), and Honey B's beehive can be found here.

[edit] Pine Grove

The Pine Grove is a small area. It can be accessed by shooting a fire egg at the switch on the cliff side to the west of the Plateau. Witchyworld (the third world), and Wumba's Wigwam can be found here.

[edit] Clifftop

The Clifftop can be accessed by both Banjo and Kazooie holding two different switches located at different places, at the same time. Jolly Roger Lagoon (the fourth world), and Hailfire Peaks (the seventh world) can be found here, as well as Mumbo's Skull, and the Hag's Train Station.

[edit] Wasteland

The Wasteland can be accessed by smashing the large rock under the river in the Pine Grove location. You can find the Terrydactyl land (the fifth world), and the Cloud Cuckoo Land (the eighth world) world.

[edit] Quagmire

The Quagmire is a sewage waste like land. To get here, use the shock spring in the Wasteland to get to the Quagmire. Grunty Industries (the sixth world) and the Cauldron Keep (the final area) can be found here.

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