Nabnut's House

Nabnut's House
Nabnuthouse.jpgA picture of Nabnut sleeping peacefully in his house in winter.
Sub LocationsNone
Notable CharactersNabnut
Other LocationsEyrie's Nest, Nabnut's House, Gnawty's House, The Tree House, The Bramble Field, The Zubbas' Nest, Gobi's Garden, Click Clock Wood Pond, Click Clock Wood Entrance Garden

Nabnut's House is a small house attached to the large tree. This location can be found near the top of the giant tree. Nabnut's House residences Nabnut, a small squirrel-like creature who feasts on Acorns. Nabnut can be found inside his tree carved house throughout all of the seasons in Click Clock Wood. Banjo and Kazooie will be able to speak to Nabnut inside his house during each season, except for the winter, when Nabnut is asleep.

[edit] Nabnut

Nabnut is the only character that lives inside Nabnut's House. Nabnut is a small brown coloured squirrel who stays in his house during the spring to autumn seasons, and sleeps in a small bed inside the house during the winter.

[edit] Acorns

Inside Nabnut's house, Banjo will be able to find a couple of acorns inside his house during the fall season. One acorn can be found on the high shelf inside Nabnut's house, while a different one can be found inside Nabnut's pool.

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