Mrs. Bottles

Mrs Bottles

Full NameMrs. Bottles
Series AppearanceBanjo-Tooie
AppearanceBrown, tan, peach, mole-like.

[edit] Summary

Mrs. Bottles is Bottles' wife. She is found inside Bottles' house in the dining room. Mrs. Bottles complains about Bottles missing and that he is late for dinner. Banjo and Kazooie don't tell her about Bottles being dead. Kazooie was going to, but Banjo told her not to.

After Bottles is revived, he returns home and Mrs. Bottles gives him his dinner, which is burnt fish and chips. The fish is Roysten, Banjo's goldfish.

Mrs. Bottles' real name is not mentioned. In the Tower of Tragedy Quiz game, there is a question about what her real name is, and the answer is "It was never mentioned".

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