Merry Maggie Malpass

Merry Maggie Malpass

Full NameMaggie Malpass
Series AppearanceBanjo-Tooie
AppearanceBrown, toad-like.
PagesJolly Roger Lagoon

[edit] Summary

Merry Maggie Malpass is a toad who works at Jolly's in Jolly Roger Lagoon. Jolly tells Banjo and Kazooie that he had heard a loud gulping noise when Maggie was riding a wave racer and that she hasn't returned.

Merry Maggie was eaten by Glumbo, a big fish found in the Big Fish Cavern. Kazooie must fire Grenade Eggs at Glumbo's teeth to knock them out, allowing her and Banjo to enter through his mouth.

Maggie is found inside the stomach. She leaves to find her way back to Jolly's when Banjo tells her that the fish's mouth is open. Banjo and Kazooie are rewarded with a Jiggy.

After Maggie returns to Jolly's, she tells Banjo and Kazooie about Grab a Sailor Night, a special event that happens every Wednesday night. Kazooie says she'll give it a miss, but then Maggie tells them that one doubloon gets them five tankards of a drink called Seaman's Brew.

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