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A picture of Mumbo Jumbo.

[edit] Mumbo Jumbo's Magic

Mayhem Temple - Summon: Mumbo's first spell of in the game, and it's a big one. Using this Mumbo summons and brings to life the giant statue, Golden Goliath. Once he is summoned you get control of him two minutes before the magic runs out and he becomes a statue again. Golden Goliath is invincible and can shatter rocks and break open huge stone door with a mighty kick

Glitter Gulch Mine - Levitate: With this spell Mumbo can pick up heavy objects and let them move freely through the air. It is used to put the jiggie boulder in the crushing shed and pick up Chuffy and place him back on his tracks.

Witchyworld - Power: Mumbo calls down a bolt of lightning from the heavens which strikes the old rides deactivated and repowers them allowing them to be used by Banjo and Kazooie.

Isle O' Hags - Cliff Top - Cure: With this spell Mumbo can cure any disease, however patients will have to ride Chuffy to be able to visit him.

Jolly Roger Lagoon - Sunlight: Mumbo manipulates the sun and sends a concentrated beam of sunlight into the lagoon. Doing this somehow oxygenates the water allowing Banjo and Kazooie to freely explore the depths of the lagoon without having to worry about drowning.

Terrydactyl land - Enlarge/Shrink: With this spell Mumbo can cause things to change their size. In the case of the stepping stones outside his skull and a small dinosaur he simply enlarges them, but with Wumba's Wigwam he can cause it to grow huge and then shrink it back to it's normal size.

Grunty Industries - EMP: With this spell Mumbo sends out EMP waves which screw with the machines in Grunty Industries and cause them to malfunction. Unfortunately Grunty Industries are quite high tech and the machines will repair themselves quickly so Banjo must hurry back if he wants to make use of this spell.

Hailfire Peaks - Revive: One of Mumbo's most powerful spell, with this he can bring back the dead.

Cloud Cuckooland - Rain Dance: As you would expect with this spell Mumbo creates rain. The rain causes any magic beans Banjo has planted to grow into might beanstalks.

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