Jolly Roger's Lagoon


[edit] Introduction

Jolly Roger Lagoon is a small town located by a large water contained source of water filled with adventure. Many of the character's name's in Jolly Roger's Lagoon resembles ocean life, and pirating times in the world. The features on the buildings and the landscaping also resembles this. The currency used in Jolly Roger's Lagoon is Doubloons, which can be used to purchase various items in the store which is an actual currency existing today. To get to Jolly Roger Lagoon, you must first have obtained a minimal of 14 Jiggies, and then go to the cliff top area.

Jolly Roger Lagoon
Location:Cliff Top area
Bosses:Lord Woo Fak Fak
Jiggies Required:14
Number of Characters:20

[edit] Jiggie Locations

1st Jiggie:
To obtain this jiggy, you must first find all 20 Dubloons on the island, then talk to Pawno again. He will sell you that jiggy for 20 dubloons!

  • Location: Pawno's Place
  • Required Moves: Not Applicable
  • Magic: Not Applicable

2nd Jiggie:
While swimming in Jolly Roger's Lagoon, a lot of clear fish will be swimming around carelessy. One of those clear fish will have the second jiggy for you to obtain.

  • Location: ???
  • Required Moves: Talon Torpedo
  • Magic: Not Applicable

3rd Jiggie:
At the bottom of Jolly Roger's lagoon, there will be a UFO. Power the UFO up completely and it will fly off. Underneath the UFO there will be the third jiggy.

  • Location: Jolly Roger's Lagoon
  • Required Moves: Talon Torpedo, Ice Eggs
  • Magic: Not Applicable

4th Jiggie:

  • Location: Atlantis
  • Required Moves: Sub Aqua Egg Aiming
  • Magic: Not Applicable

5th Jiggie:

  • Location:
  • Required Moves:
  • Magic:

6th Jiggie:

  • Location:
  • Required Moves:
  • Magic:

7th Jiggie:

  • Location:
  • Required Moves:
  • Magic:

8th Jiggie:

  • Location:
  • Required Moves:
  • Magic:

9th Jiggie:

  • Location:
  • Required Moves:
  • Magic:

10th Jiggie:

  • Location:
  • Required Moves:
  • Magic:

[edit] Minigames

Submarina Challenge Game

[edit] Characters

Blubber Alph:
Merry Maggie:
Chris P. Bacon:
Sea Anenemy:
Electric Eel:
Grip Grab Plant:
Spinning Seaweed Pot:

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