Isle O' Hags

The Isle O' Hags is the name of the Island that the Banjo-Kazooie games take place on and serves as the hub world in Banjo-Tooie. There is no mention of Isle O' Hags in Banjo-Kazooie. In all of the Isle O' Hags there are Hag1 tracks on the ground which sometimes helps you to where you have to go.

[edit] Locations

Jinjo Village: As the name suggests this village is home of the Jinjos. King Jingaling's palace is here as well as Bottles' family's house. The grey Jinjo's house was destroyed by the Hag1. The tunnels leading to Bottle's House are also here.

Wooded Hollow: Connected to Jinjo Village via the tunnels through Bottle's house this forested area is home to Jiggywiggy's Temple, Heggy and Mayahem Temple.

Plateau: Heading further up from the Wooded Hollow you find the plateau. The plateau is is home to Honey B's hive and Glitter Gulch Mine.

Pine Grove: Located west of the plateau there is this froest area which houses Grunty's very own amusement park, Witchyworld as well as Wumba's Wigwam.

Cliff Top: To the east there are the steep cliffs. Here you will find the entrances to Jolly Roger Lagoon and Hailfire Peaks as well as a train station and Mumbo's Skull.

Wasteland: Connected to Pine Grove by a watery tunnel the wasteland is pretty bare but it does house the entrances to Terrydactyland and Cloud Cuckooland.

Quagmire: Further up there is this small piece of the wasteland that had been polluted by the waste from the nearby Grunty Industries. From here you can also reach Grunty and her sister's lair, Cauldron Keep.

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