Hailfire Peaks

Hailfire Peaks
HailfirePeaksIceSide.png HailfirePeaksFireSide.png
Two pictures of the two different themes of the world. Ice side (top) and Fire side (bottom).
Game AppearanceBanjo Tooie
Location In GameCliff Top (Isle O' Hags)
ThemeFire and Ice
Jiggies Required to Enter36
Humba TransformationSnowball
Mumbo SpellLife Force
Moves LearnedGlide
Shack Pack
BossChilli Billy
Chilly Willy
Notable CharactersBiggafoot

Groggy, Soggy, and Moggy
Mildred Ice Cube

Areas In Game
Preceding WorldGrunty's Industries
Suceeding WorldCloud Cuckoo Land

Hailfire Peaks is the seventh world in Banjo Tooie. This world is a collaboration of two opposite elements: ice and fire, which have their own sides to make up one world. Ironically, the name of the world, "Hailfire" is a compound word related to those two elements. Hailfire Peak's fire side was originally suppose to appear in the previous game, Banjo-Kazooie as a word called Mount Fire Eyes, but was removed due to the lack of time before release to complete the world. Instead, this world was combined with an ice side to create Hailfire Peaks.

Hailfire Peaks in accessed from the Cliff Top area in Isle O' Hags. It is required that Banjo and Kazooie have collected a total of 36 Jiggies in order to enter the world.


[edit] Jiggy Locations

A picture of Chilly Willy, the boss on the ice side of Hailfire Peaks.
Sabreman in his first appearance in the series.
Number Name Type Transformation/Spell/Moves How to Obtain
1 Saving Sabreman General Mumbo Spell: Life Force
Move: Taxi Pack
This Jiggy can be obtained first by going to Mumbo Jumbo's skull and giving him a Glowbo to perform his spell. Go to the ice side and use the Mumbo Pad to give life to Sabreman. Then use Fire Eggs to thaw Sabreman from his frozen state. Finally, use the move Taxi Pack, taught by Jamjars to transport Sabreman back to his tent on the fire side of Hailfire Peaks.
2 The Volcano Timed None Banjo and Kazooie must be on the fire side to obtain this Jiggy. First, they must enter the volcano. In the middle of the volcano, there will be a rock with a switch by it. The switch must be pressed and then other switches will appear. Banjo and Kazooie must press all of the switches before they both run out of air to obtain the Jiggy.
3 Feeding Boggy General Move: Shack Pack On the ice side of Hailfire Peaks, Boggy requests that Banjo find him some food. On the fire side of the peaks, a fish can be found. Banjo must use his Shack Pack move to transport the fish back to Boggy's Igloo to receive a Jiggy from Boggy.
4 The Train Station General Move: Claw Clamber Boots This Jiggy can be obtained by going to the ice side's train station. To get here, Banjo must have first released Gobi from his imprisonment in Witchyworld. He will then appear near the fire side of the train station. By hitting a Beak Buster on top of Gobi, he will release the water from his mouth and it will cool down the hot train station, which can now be taken to the ice side of the peaks to receive the Jiggy.
5 The Oil Drill General Transformation: Snowball
Move: Claw Clamber Boots, Shack Pack
First, Banjo will need to give a Glowbo to Humba Wumba to get transformed into his Snow Ball form. In this form, quickly proceed to the warp pad leading to the fire side and head towards the entrance to the ice side. With the snowball's weight, proceed onto the drill switch that will cause a Jiggy to fall by a nearby pipe. Banjo must then use his Shack Pack move to get into the pipe to obtain the Jiggy.
6 Terrydactyland's Plains General Move: Snooze Pack This Jiggy will appear after Banjo and Kazooie press the switch where Stompadon lives. The Snooze Pack can be used to regain health from Stompadon's stomp attack. When the switch is pressed, a doorway will open, accessing a Jiggy on the Fire Side.
7 Finding The Alien's Kids Search Spell: Life Force
Move: Bill Drill
On the ice side of Hailfire Peaks, use Mumbo's pad to perform a spell to give life to Alph. Alph will then ask the duo to find his three children in exchange for a Jiggy. Alph's first child is by Humba Wumba's Wigwam. Alphette must be bill drilled and then have Mumbo's spell performed on it again. Betette can be found right near the Glowbo by Humba Wumba. Gammette can be found by using the split up pad to allow Kazooie to climb the steep slops of the ice side mountain. Then, Kazooie just needs to slide down and use her hatch move. Return to Alph to receive the Jiggy.
8 The Colosseum Climb General Moves: Grip Grab This Jiggy can be accessed first by going across a ledge as Banjo only. Then, Banjo must use the switch and continue on as Kazooie only. Kazooie then must use the flight pad and fly to where the Kazooie switch is. There, switch back to Banjo and go across another ledge to a switch that opens the cage on the colosseum that contains a Jiggy. Banjo must now go back and switch to Kazooie to obtain the Jiggy.
9 Kickball Tournament Game Transformation: Stony
Moves: Grenade Eggs
Inside the colosseum there is a wall with a crack. That crack must be busted open in order to access Mayahem Temple. To break the crack, use Grenade Eggs. In Mayahem Temple, Banjo must go to Humba Wumba and transform into his Stony form. Once the two return to Hailfire Peaks, Banjo will be able to participate in the tournament.
10 Defeating Chilli Billy and Chilly Willy Boss Moves: Fire Eggs, Ice Eggs, Claw Clamber Boots First, find the Flight Pad on the Fire Side of the peaks. Use it to read the top of the Fire Side where Chilli Billi resides. Chilli will then initiate a battle with the duo. Chilli can be beat by using Kazooie's ice eggs and aiming at Chilli. After six hits, Chilli will surrender to the duo. Next, Banjo and Kazooie must go to the Ice Side where Chilly Willy lives. To get to the top where Chilly lives, Banjo must first wait for an ice ball to land on top of Sabreman's foot. Once it does, he will run away in terror and the Claw Clamber boots will be available. They can be used to ascend the steep slope to Chilly. When Banjo gets to the top, Chilly will be mad that his brother has been pumbled by the two, and a battle will start. This time, Banjo must use fire eggs to attack Chilli. This time, Chilly has to be hit a total of twelve times before he surrenders the Jiggy.

[edit] Jinjos

Number Transformations/Spell/Moves How to Obtain
1 Moves: Leg Spring The first Jinjo is found in the Icicle Grotto on a bridge high above. Kazooie must user her leg spring move to reach it.
2 Moves: Wonderwing The second Jinjo is located behind a lava waterfall. To get to it, Banjo must go into the Colosseum and push the switch to draw out a platform. Then, the two must perform the Wonderwing ability to get through the Lava protected.
3 Transformation: Snowball The third Jinjo can only be obtained by getting to a small cave where the Jinjo is eagerly awaiting to be saved. This cave can only be accessed in Banjo's Snowball form due to the strong winds that will push Banjo back.
4 None A fourth Jinjo can be found outside of Boggy's igloo. Mildred Ice Cube has a Jinjo inside her and the only way to get it is to smash her. Once smashed, Banjo will receive the Jinjo.
5 Moves: Shack Pack The fifth Jinjo can be found in the same location where the fish taken to Boggy is. In the pool of scalding hot water, Banjo must use his Shack Pack move to reach the Jinjo.

[edit] Extra Honeycombs

Number Transformations/Spell/Moves How to Obtain
1 None The first extra Honeycomb can be found in a small hole near where Boggy's fish and a Jinjo are placed.
2 None The second extra honeycomb can be found in the Train Station on the Fire Side.
3 None The third extra honeycomb is found by the entrance to the cave in the volcano.

[edit] Cheato Pages

Number Transformations/Spell/Moves How to Obtain
1 Move: Claw Clamber Boots The first Cheato Page can be found inside the Colosseum. Kazooie must use the Claw Clamber Boots to get to the pillar that leads outside to reach the page.
2 Move: Claw Clamber Boots, Glide The second page can be found on the side of the mountain on the ice side. This can only be accessed by using the Claw Clamber Boots to scale the mountain and glide to the left of the pillar to where the Cheato Page hides.
3 Move: Shack Pack The final page in the world can be found in the Icicle Grotto. Banjo must climb the pole to a small ledge and use his Shack Pack form to reach the page.

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