Gnawty's House

Gnawty's House
GnawtyHouse.jpgA picture of Gnawty inside of his house.
Sub LocationsNone
Notable CharactersGnawty
Other LocationsEyrie's Nest, Nabnut's House, Gnawty's House, The Tree House, The Bramble Field, The Zubbas' Nest, Gobi's Garden, Click Clock Wood Pond, Click Clock Wood Entrance Garden

Gnawty's House is a location in Click Clock Wood that residences Gnawty, a beaver like character. Gnawty's House can only be accessed truely during the autumn season. In the spring time, Gnawty's House will be blocked off completely by a large boulder which cannot be moved or broken. During the summer season, the water around the entrance to Gnawty's House will have resided, and the boulder to the entrance will be breakable. The path up to Gnawty's house inside the tree will be too steep to climb though, so it will still not be accessible. During the autumn season, you will finally be able to enter Gnawty's house, since water will be gathering up around the entrance, Banjo will finally be able to swim up and into Gnawty's house. Gnawty's house is a small house with a fireplace to the side, and a small green bed. Gnawty will reward you with a Jiggie as appreciate for breaking the boulder that was infront of his house in spring as gratitude.

[edit] Special Items

Many special items can be found inside Gnawty's House. You will be able to find an Extra Honeycomb Piece, Eggs, Musical Notes, as well1 an extra life.

[edit] Spring

Banjo and Kazooie will be able to access the inside of Gnawty's house during the spring time by breaking the boulder dropping eggs on top of the boulder. Gnawty will not acknowledge that you have broken the boulder until autumn though.

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