A picture of Gnawty from Banjo Kazooie.
Full NameGnawty
Series AppearanceBanjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong Country
AppearancePurple, beaver-like, orange, peach.
PagesClick Clock Wood

Gnawty is a beaver found in Click Clock Wood. He has trouble getting into his house because of a huge boulder blocking the way. In the spring, Gnawty says that he needs someone to move the boulder. Banjo and Kazooie will not be able to use the Beak Buster on the boulder or fire eggs at it, because it's underwater. In the summer, Banjo and Kazooie will be able to break the rock, now that there's a drought. Gnawty wants to give Banjo and Kazooie a Jiggy, but they will not be able to get into his house because the path going up to it goes upward and it's too steep even for the Talon Trot. So Banjo and Kazooie will have to enter in the autumn or winter where there's water again so they can swim up to Gnawty's house and get the Jiggy.

It is possible to perform a glitch; breaking the rock blocking Gnawty's house in the spring. Banjo and Kazooie will have to get on the ledge above the water and shoot eggs from behind and make them bounce off the ledge onto the rock. Then the rock will break.

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