Cloud Cuckoo Land

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Cloud Cuckoo Land
CloudCuckooLand.jpgA picture of the entrance to Cloud Cuckoo Land.
Game AppearanceBanjo Tooie
Location In GameWasteland (Isle O' Hags)
ThemeCloud / Overworld
Jiggies Required to Enter45
Humba TransformationBumble Bee
Mumbo SpellRain Dance
Moves LearnedSack Pack
BossMingy Jongo
Notable CharactersCanary Mary

Mr. Fit

Areas In Game
Preceding WorldHailfire Peaks
Suceeding WorldCauldron Keep

Cloud Cuckoo Land is the eighth world in Banjo Tooie. Cloud Cuckoo Land is a large land where Canary Mary returns. The whole world has many sections resembling child-like toys and odd objects. Cloud Cuckoo Land is an open floated world with many sections like a giant blob of jelly, and a block of cheese. Clock Cuckoo Land can be entered with a minimal of 45 Jiggies. To get to the entrance, you will need to get the large bubble to float you a top to the world.


[edit] Jiggie Locations

Number Name Type Transformation/Spell/Moves How to Obtain
1 Beating Mr. Fit Timed Moves: Bill Drill
Springy Step Shoes
Mr. Fit can be found near the entrance to the world. To initiate the race with him, the duo will first have to jump over the bar near him by using the Springy Step Shoes. The shoes as well as two other seeds can both be dug up using Kazooie's Bill Drill move. Once the bar has successfully been jumped, Mr. Fit will be near the Red Mumbo Skull. Once Banjo and Kazooie get there, the race will begin. If Mr. Fit loses the race, then the duo will receive the Jiggie.
2 Defeating Mingy Jongo Boss (None specific) To obtain the second Jiggie, Banjo and Kazooie must defeat the boss of Cloud Cuckoo Land. In Cloud Cuckoo Land, there are two different Mumbo Skulls. One contains Mumbo Jumbo and a Jinjo, while the other contains Mingy Jongo and a Mingo. The red and blue skulls in this world are randomly decided for the two different characters when Banjo and Kazooie enter the world. When the duo find Mingy's Skull, a fight will start. Mingy will need to be attacked eight times before he surrenders a Jiggie.
3 Clearing the Germs Timed (None specific) To receive the third Jiggie, the duo must make their way to the large garbage can. After pressing the switch, the two will proceed inside and Guffo will ask Banjo and Kazooie to kill all of the germs inside him. If the two can quickly enough, they will be rewarded with a Jiggie.
4 The Zubba Nest Timed Transformation: Bee To obtain the fourth Jiggie, Banjo and Kazooie must find Humba Wumba to transform the duo into Banjo's bee form. Once in the form, Banjo must fly to the top of the word to the Zubba's Nest, and shoot the target held by a statue Zubba twenty times. After that, the entrance to the nest will open. Inside, Banjo must shoot enough Zubbas in a limited amount of time to receive the Jiggie.
5 Defeating the Eyeball Plants General Transformation: Bee To obtain this Jiggie, Banjo must first transform to his bee transformation by jumping into Humba's pool in Cloud Cuckoo Land. Once transformed, the duo will then need to attack all four Eyeballus Jiggium Plants around the world. Each time one is defeated, it will pass the Jiggie to the next plant until all four are successfully defeated. The plants can be found in different locations around the world. The first can be found near George Ice Cube. The second is under the cheese wedge area. The third is above the red Mumbo Skull. The last can be found by a pool of water in the world.
6 Rematch with Canary Mary Timed None The next Jiggie can be obtained by rematching Canary Mary. Canary Mary first appeared in Glitter Gulch Mine in which she initiated a race in return for a Jiggie if you defeated her. Now, Canary Mary in Cloud Cuckoo Land is much faster than when she was in Glitter Gulch Mine. To defeat her, first talk to her. She can be found near Humba Wumba's tent in a clockwork mouse. Canary Mary speeds up if you get infront of her. It is recommended to trail Canary until the end of the race.
7 Opening Superstash General Moves: Clockwork Kazooie Eggs A Jiggie can be obtained in the main cavern in Cloud Cuckoo Land. In the cavern, Superstash, a sealed safe can be found. He is more than willing to release the Jiggie to Banjo and Kazooie's possession, but doesn't have his combination. The combination consists of four numbers which can be found in the world. The numbers are only found by using Clockwork Kazooie Eggs to access small holes in special areas in which the numbers appear. The first number can be found directly above Superstash. The second number can be found around where George Ice Cube rests. The third number can be found behind the trashcan. The fifth can be found outside of the top of the main cavern.
8 The Cheese Wedge
9 The Jello Castle
10 The Pot of Gold

[edit] Jinjos

  • The first Jinjo can be obtained in Mingy Jongo's skull.
  • The second Jinjo can be obtained inside Humba Wumba's tent.
  • The third Jinjo can be found hanging around in the giant blob of floating cheese.
  • The fourth Jinjo can be found in the trash bin.
  • The fifth Jinjo can be found inside the central cavern.

[edit] Minigames

[edit] Cheato Pages

  • The first can be found by beating Canary Mary from Glitter Gulch Mine twice in Cloud Cuckoo Land.
  • The second can be obtained by achieving over 75 points in the Bee Game.

[edit] Honey Combs

  • The first Honey Comb can be found inside the Pot O' Gold.
  • The second Honey Comb can be found on the handle of the trash bin. A Jinjo can also be found there.
  • The third Honey Comb simply can be obtained by Bill Drilling the area around the entrance of Cloud Cuckoo Land.

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