Chilly Willy

Chilly Willy

Full NameChilly Willy
Series AppearanceBanjo-Tooie
AppearanceDragon-like, Blue
SizeExtra Large
RelativesChili Billy, Hailfire Peaks

Chilly Willy is one of the bosses in Hailfire Peaks as well as Chili Billy. Chilly Willy appears as a icy, cold blue dragon at the top of the ice side of Hailfire Peaks. Chilly Willy and his brother both appear as the bosses of the area, and you will be able to obtain a Jiggy once both of the brothers are defeated.

At first, Chilly Willy will mistake you as a pizza deliverer. Once he figures out that Banjo and Kazooie are out to find a Jiggy instead, he will begin his battle with you. Chilly Willy's strength and speed will vary depending on if you have already defeated his brother, Chili Billy, or not. If you have, his moves and speed with be much stronger and quicker than his brother, and vice versa.

To defeat Chilly Willy, you must circle the top of the icy peak, and shoot Fire Eggs at him. If Chilly shoots a ball of hail at you, you can either try to dodge it, or hide behind one of the guards.

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