Character Moves


[edit] Walking/Running/Tiptoeing

To walk, push the joy stick in lightly to begin to walk. The more you push the joy stick, the faster you will go, while the less you push the joy stick, the slower you will go. Push the joy stick as far as you can to run. Push the joy stick very lightly to tiptoe. To end walking, running, or tiptoeing, release the joystick from any pressure.

[edit] Swimming

To swim, jump into a nontoxic body of water. You will stay afloat the water until you press the A or B button which will propel you into the water. Press the A Button to take short controlled movements through the water. Press B to let Kazooie push you into the water faster, but less controlled. Use the joy stick to move the camera and to help you move through the waters. Use the C Buttons to change the Camera without tilting the direction you will proceed in otherwise. To get back to the surface of the water, rapidly press the B Button while pushing the joy stick forward.

[edit] Talking

To talk to a person, walk up to them and press the A Button. Press the A Button to make the text move faster. Press the Z Button to make the text move more slowly. Press the B Button to cancel the text as much as you can.

[edit] Beak Bomb

To use the technique of Beak Bomb, press the B Button while flying. This will make Kazooie fly faster and will let her rip through certain walls and substances that Kazooie could not get through just by flying normally.

[edit] Beak Buster

Beak Buster is a powerful move which will let Kazooie act as a drill and pound cracked surfaces to pieces. Jump into the air and press Z to perform various moves. While this move may be strong, it takes a lot of time until the attack will do much damage, and enemies will still be able to attack you.

[edit] Egg Shooting

To have Kazooie shoot eggs, press the Z Button and the top or botton C Button to get into the position. You will be able to shoot many types of Eggs far distances to damage enemies. The attack is rather weak though, and it best for hitting targets far away.

[edit] Flying

Flying is a quick way of transportation, but it can only be used where there is a flight pad near by. Press the A Button while on the Flight Pad to be propelled into the air. Kazooie will now be able to fly around. Use the joy stick to help you maneuver through the skies while you are in the air.

[edit] Talon Trot

The Talon Trot is a moved performed by Kazooie. She will lift Banjo up and be able to run twice as fast as Banjo. To perform this move, press the Z Button while holding the left C Button. Kazooie will get into position and be ready. Use the joy stick to maneuver around objects. You will be able to go up a few steeper areas in the game as well.

[edit] Rat-a-Tat Rap

Press the A and B Buttons at the same time. Kazooie will then stick her head out and poke any enemy three times with her beak. This move is quick to perform and can cause a lot of damage.

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