Cauldron Keep


[edit] Introduction

Cauldron Keep is your final destination in Banjo Tooie! The evil Grunty awaits you in her evil Hag Machine. She is very difficult to beat, and so is her land.

[edit] Information

Grunty is now a boss which you must beat. She is not an easy boss to defeat though. Grunty uses various lasers to deplete your health. Grunty also moves quickly, so it is harder for Banjo to attack her. Grunty is not battling you by herself though. Grunty is now using a new machine she has built since her fragile body cannot withstand battling. On your final battle, you will be battling Grunty in the Hag Machine. This machine is very hard and Kazooie and Banjo must battle her out to protect the land from Grunty.

Required Jiggies: 55 (minimum)
Boss: Gruntilda Winkybunion, featured in The Hag 1

[edit] Tower of Tragedy

You will be forced to play a quiz show in the Tower of Tragedy. Your opponents are Mingella, and Blobbelda. It is very important to beat both of them at their quiz. The one who gets the most answers wrong during the game show will lose a ton of health from one of the various tricks Grunty has up her sleeve.

You have only 5 seconds to buzz in if you think you have the right answer. Press "B" to buzz in, and press "A" to select an answer from the list. If you are correct, then you will receive points. You are allowed to buzz in to the question before it is even asked to beat the odds of Mingella or Blobbelda beating you first.

There are 3 rounds on the game show and each is only 180 seconds (3 minutes) long.

Round 1: One gets Toned!
Round 2: Which Gets Squished?
Round 3: Banjo Lost or Grunty Squashed?

Round 3 is a different level though. Since both Mingella and Blobbelda have died from losing the last two rounds you will be facing Grunty instead. You can press "Z" to skip a question and you are required to have a minimum of 15 points before the game show it over to win.

[edit] Battling Grunty

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