BK Caterpilla -MC NC- 57x34.gif
Item NameCaterpillar
Series AppearanceClick Clock Wood
AppearanceGreen, long, worm-like.

Caterpillars appear in Banjo-Kazooie as a way to obtain a simple Jiggie in Click Clock Wood. There are a total of 20 caterpillars hidden in various locations around the world. Some are hidden on the tree, some on the ground. If you are able to collect all 20, bring them to Eyrie and he will happily give you a Jiggie.

[edit] Locations of the Caterpillars

Caterpillars can be found in various places at various seasons in Click Clock Wood.

  • Near the treehouse.
  • On the ground during the Summer time.
  • Outside Mumbo Jumbo's skull.
  • By the stream when it is dried up.
  • Near the flower by Mumbo's skull.
  • Right beside Nabut's house.

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