Canary Mary

Canary Mary
CanaryMary.jpgA picture of Canary Mary in Banjo Tooie
Full NameCanary Mary
Series AppearanceBanjo Tooie
AppearanceYellow, bird-like.
PagesGlitter Gulch Mine

Canary Mary appears in Banjo-Tooie as a helpful acquaintance, first appearing in the world, Glitter Gulch Mine. Canary Mary works the mine cart transportation system in Banjo Tooie, to check the mines for toxic and harmful gasses. Her masters had forgotten about her and left her to die in a room filled with toxic gas. You will first meet Canary Mary in a room locked in a cage. Once Canary Mary is freed from that cage, she will challenge Banjo and Kazooie to a race in Glitter Gulch Mine on the mine carts. After she is beaten by the duo twice in Glitter Gulch Mine, she will fly away to Cloud Cuckooland. When you meet her again in Cloud Cuckooland, you will race her again on a clockwork mouse, around the sky. This race is often considered one of the most difficult Jiggies to obtain in the game. After beating Canary Mary once in Glitter Gulch Mine, beating her again will give the duo a Cheato Page. The duo will get another Cheato Page the second time she is beaten in Cloud Cuckoo Land as well.

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