Cast-Mingella n Blobbelda.jpg
A picture of Blobbelda (larger one) and her sister Mingella.
Full NameBlobbelda Winkybunion
RoleEvil Witch
Series AppearanceBanjo-Kazooie, Banjo Tooie
AppearanceShort, chubby, green
PagesGruntilda Winkybunion, Brentilda, Blobbelda, Witchy World

[edit] Introduction

Blobbelda is the larger witch sister to Mingella and Grunty. She is not very smart, and she is the largest sister out of the three. She knows magic and she is usually holding and protecting her cat as she strokes it.

[edit] Appearances

Blobbelda appears at the opening sequence of Banjo Tooie, and through various parts of the game. She also appears in the Game Show in the Tower of Tragedy from Cauldron Keep.

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