Beehives can be found all around Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo Tooie. When you smash them open, 3 honeycombs will spew out while bees chase you. If a bee swarm gets to you, you will lose 1 health for every time it attacks you.

[edit] Pros

Beehives are quite common in Banjo Kazooie. They appear in almost every level, and they offer a large supply of health to raise your Honeycomb meter quickly. It requires minimal effort to break the beehives, and the bees are easy to escape from. If you restart a level, the honeycomb hives will usually be replenished, and the bees won't be swarming around their hive until you break open their hive again.

[edit] Cons

Bees will attack you, and if they can attack you more than 3 times, then you will lose energy. The bees will not go away until you reach a safe distance from them or use your Feathers on them. They will return to their beehive and swarm around it still. They will protect their hives and their honeycombs which are are around it until you leave them alone.

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