Banjo Kazooie Neowiki Staff

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Current Staff Members

Currently, there are two Banjo Kazooie Neowiki Staff members. They are Kazooieman and Spiritual. Please read below before contacting the Neowiki Staff members.


Feel free to contact either of the Banjo Kazooie Neowiki Staff members if:

  • You have a question about Wiki editing, and you would like some assistance so that you could help participate on the Wiki or add certain Wiki markup.
  • You have a question about a certain Banjo Kazooie Wiki page.
  • You have seen a guest or member spamming on the Banjo Kazooie Wiki, or posting inappropriate content or images.
  • You notice that a guest or member is deleting a large majority of content on the Banjo Kazooie Neowiki
  • You think that a certain page on the Banjo Kazooie Wiki should be placed under the Spotlighted Pages on the main page.
  • You would like help with editing but don't know how.

Please send either Kazooieman and/or Spiritual a PM as soon as possible if you're question or inquiry is listed above. Only registered members of Neoseeker can send PM's. Click here to send a Private Message to Kazooieman, or click here to send a Private Message to Spiritual.

Wiki Editing

If you are having troubles with Wiki editing, then please look in this thread. If you are still have troubles with Wiki editing, then please post your questions in this forum or send a Private Message to Kazooieman or Spiritual for assistance.

Questions about Wiki Pages

Any questions about Wiki pages, (such as lists, certain HTML or Wiki Markup, templates, or content on a page) can be asked by sending Kazooieman or Spiritual a Private Message, or by posting a message on the Main Talk Page or the specific Talk Page on that page. You can also use the Talk Pages for suggestions and ideas for the Banjo Kazooie Neowiki.

Spamming and Inappropriate Content on the Wiki

Please notify Kazooieman or Spiritual immediately if you notice any inappropriate content or spamming on the Wiki so we can do our best to remove the problem, and fix all of the Wiki pages which were harmed.

Content Deletion

If some content is deleted and moved to a different page, then that is fine (for the most part), but if you notice that people are deleting pages on the Wiki which shouldn't be deleted, or deleting pages on the Wiki and not placing the content somewhere else, then please notify Kazooieman or Spiritual as soon as you can, and provide user names and/or I.P addresses if possible as well.

Spotlight Pages

The main page is off limits to all members other than Kazooieman and Spiritual. If you feel that a certain page has a lot of good quality content, then please send Kazooieman or Spiritual a PM with information, and it may be added to the front page. If you think any other content should be added to the main, also send us a PM, and we may add it as well.

Last Questions

Feel free to send any other questions about any other Wiki to either Kazooieman or Spiritual.

Editing Guide

Please check here if you need any help on specific page editing, and what we hope to see.

Staff History

Spiritual: April 24, 2009 to Present
Kazooieman: April, 2009 to Present

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