Banjo Kazooie Neowiki Editing Guide

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Welcome to the Banjo Kazooie Neowiki Editing Guide page. This page should roughly give you an idea of what we expect to see on the Banjo Kazooie Wiki. Please read this thread carefully, as there are many tips and many bits of useful information that can make the Banjo Kazooie Neowiki one of the best looking Neowikis on the site!


[edit] Basic Information

        Adding Content: If that page is blank, begin by adding as much details and important information. An information table should already be present for character, location, boss, and item pages. Try your best to add detailed information and links to pages in that table. Make sure that you link to different pages that already exist on the wiki to help people navigate through different sets of information.

        Editing Content: If that page already has content, read it carefully first before editing. You should only edit the page if you want to:

        • Remove FALSE information on the wiki
        • Remove PLAGIARIZED information on the wiki
        " Add new information, charts, or pictures to the wiki
        • Edit Spelling errors, or grammatical errors
        • Rephrasing opinions on that page into facts

        Deleting Content: You should only delete content if the quality of content is spam, incorrect (or false), or if you notice it is plagiarized. Please contact either Kazooieman or Altaura first so that we can clarify that the page content should be removed or deleted.

[edit] Character Pages

Each of the main game pages have a character list page under the list of pages. Here is a list of all of them to help you get started:

To get started, click one of page links. A list of characters found in that Banjo Kazooie game will up. Select any page you wish to contribute to, and then click, "edit" at the top of all pages that are locked. You will now be able to add, edit, or remove any content.

Character pages should include as much information available as possible. Descriptions, a detailed history of the character, locations of the character, the relationship of the character to others, and their importance are just some of the many things which can be added to the page. Try your best to add links to pre-existing pages on each page to help people navigate around the Banjo Kazooie wiki and help guests and members with questions they may have.

Any peculiar sudden disruptions within the Banjo Kazooie wiki can be handled by contacting either Kazooieman, or Altaura.

[edit] World Pages

All of the World pages can be found by clicking this link. There, you will be sent to a page of links to various levels. You can begin contributing to any of the pages by contributing important details. Here are some of the things we want to see on the world pages:

  • Boss Information
  • Characters found in that level (Enemies, Allies)
  • How to get each Jiggy
  • Minigame Information
  • Special Hints
  • Images, links to guides, etc..
  • Jinjo Locations
  • Note Locations
  • Honeycomb Locations

Check out the Mumbo's_Mountain world page for the perfect example on how to contribute to this section.

[edit] Item Pages

All of the Item pages can be found by clicking this link. Each item page should include important information and things such as:

  • Where the item can be found
  • Importance
  • Information on that item (info table)
  • Characters Incorporated with that item
  • Images

[edit] Main Pages

Currently, there are 6 main pages on the Banjo Kazooie Neowiki, but only 5 can be edited. Those 5 are listed below:

Each of those pages contains information on the game itself (such as release dates, box art, etc.), and should include links to other pages (character list, items, character controls, etc..) and a summary of the game. Please edit the page to add information to the main pages, or to edit any spelling or grammatical errors. Add as many important details which pertain to the game as a whole or in sections to the main pages.

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