Banjo-Tooie Controls

Nintendo 64 Controller, Front View


[edit] Joy Stick

The Joy Stick allows Banjo and Kazooie to move around freely. You can move in all directions with the Joy Stick and perform simple moves. Pushing the Joy Stick as far as it will go will result in running, which will can help you flee from enemies more quickly than running or walking. You can walk by pressing the Joystick a little less, allowing Banjo to walk at a normal pace. By pushing the Joy Stick very lightly, you will be able to tiptoe incredibly softly. Tiptoeing is not a required move in Banjo Tooie. Banjo will never get tired from walking, running, or tiptoeing too much.

Other Purposes
If you are able to rotate the Joy Stick very quickly, you will be able to make Banjo and Kazooie slide a bit.

You can use the Joystick to position yourself while it water and to adjust the basic camera to view things 360 degrees around you. You will also be able to make a small dive into the water to begin swimming downward if you point the joy stick upward while you are in the water. By doing the opposite, you can view what is above you while in water.

[edit] A Button

The A Button will allow you to perform a basic jump to reach higher elevated areas in the game such as cliffs or mountains. To perform a basic jump, simple press the A button while on land or ice and you will get a good distance into the air. By lightly tapping the A Button, you will perform a small short jump. You will also be able to swim using the A Button. While you are in water, hold the control pad down and press A to go under the water. You will then be able to maneuver undersea if you continue to press the A to project you and the joystick to mark your movements. If you do not press the joy stick down, Banjo and Kazooie will perform a small paddle to navigate themselves while still in the water but above the surface. This will allow Banjo and Kazooie to breath and still move, but it is slower than if you were underneath the body of water.

[edit] B Button

The B Button will allow you to perform special moves which can only be obtained in the game, as well allow you to propel faster in the water than the A Button. While under water, press the B Buttom just as you would the A button to have Kazooie push you through the water more quickly than just Banjo. These moves take longer to perform than the A button, but will make you swim got a lot more quickly

[edit] C Buttons

The C Buttons only do one job in Banjo Kazooie, and that is to let you maneuver the Camera while on the ground and while in the water alongside the Joy Stick. There are 4 C Buttons. The arrows on the 4 buttons will indicate which direction the Camera will position itself. By holding onto two arrows at once, you will be able to move the camera across diagonally. The Camera will allow you to view things at a closer view or help you view things which are further away. You are also able to use the C Buttons to change the positioning of the Camera while in water. The Joy Stick will help you, but the C Buttons will allow you to have more accuracy.

[edit] Z Button

This is a simple button which allows Banjo and Kazooie to duck slightly enough to dodge moves sent by certain enemies. You will not be able to move much which in the ducking position, and some moves will still be able to injure you.

[edit] L Button

There are not any basic moves to be done by holding the L button alone.

[edit] R Button

The R Button will allow you to to bring the Egg List into view and move the camera back behind you. You will be able to switch the eggs set for Kazooie to fire by pressing the R again and again if to flip through the different eggs. To do so, just tap the button ever so slightly. If you hold the button longer, the camera will move behind Banjo and Kazooie so that you have a broader view of your surroundings.

[edit] Moves

A basic run of the mill on how to perform basic moves learned throughout the game can be found in the Character Moves page.

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