Banjo-Pilot Game Modes

A picture of a race in Banjo Pilot.

In Cheato Mode, you will be able to exchange all of your collected Cheat Pages for various unlockables in the game.

Grand Prix
In Grand Prix Mode, you will be able to race different characters in many different game courses. You will be able to earn trophies in the game if you obtain a high enough rank.

Jiggy Challenges
In Jiggly Challenges Mode, you will be racing just like in Grand Prix, just you will have to collect six Jiggies while you are racing.

Quick Race
In Quick Race Mode, you will be able to begin a quick single player race instantly with any characters that have previously been unlocked.

Time Trial
In Time Trial Mode, you will be able to race copies of yourself to try and beat your record time created on that race track.

In Trophies Mode, you will be able to view all of the trophies that you have collected throughout the game.

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