Banjo-Kazooie Controls

A picture of the Nintendo 64 controller used in Banjo-Kazooie.


[edit] Joy Stick

The Joy Stick allows Banjo and Kazooie to move around freely. You can move in all directions with the Joy Stick and perform simple moves. Pushing the Joy Stick as far as it will go will result in running, which will can help you flee from enemies more quickly than running or walking. You can walk by pressing the Joystick a little less, allowing Banjo to walk at a normal pace. By pushing the Joy Stick very lightly, you will be able to tiptoe incredibly softly. Tiptoeing is not a required move in Banjo Tooie. Banjo will never get tired from walking, running, or tiptoeing too much.

You can use the Joystick to position yourself while it water and to adjust the basic camera to view things 360 degrees around you. You will also be able to make a small dive into the water to begin swimming downward if you point the joy stick upward while you are in the water. By doing the opposite, you can view what is above you while in water.

[edit] A Button

The A Button will let you perform a few special moves as well as be able to perform a crucial move, jumping. Jumping will allow you to reach places in the game which you cannot reach by just walking basically. To jump, simply press the A Button once. You can jump by running/walking and pressing A too. The A Button will also allow you swim while under the water. To swim, jump into a body of water. Duck down into the water, and press A/B to go under the water. By pressing A, you will be able to make short controlled movements with Banjo and Kazooie to navigate the waters. You could also use the B Button while under the water to navigate more quickly, but less controlled. Using the A Button will make it easier to obtain objects without difficulty.

The A Button will also allow you to fly in the skies. To fly, press the A Button while you are on a red feather flight pad. You will be propelled into the sky, and Kazooie will carry you through the skies. Press the A Button again while in the air to fly higher. Kazooie will slowly fly lower if you do not press A again. Every time you press A while in the sky, you will lose a Red Feather.

[edit] B Button

The B Button will let you do a large series of moves. The main one is rolling. You will be able to perform this move simply by pressing the B Button while moving. This move will allow Banjo to kill certain enemies with ease. Another main move that can be performed with the B Button is swimming. If you jump into a body of water and press B, you will dive into the water. Press B again while using your Joy Stick as a guide to perform a fast uncontrolled movement in the water. While this swimming technique is faster than using A, this move will take a longer time to reuse the move and it is not controlled, so it may be more difficult to navigate.

[edit] C Buttons

The C Button will allow you to rotate the control buttons around to view things in different perspectives and angles. By pressing the up or down C Buttons (the arrows on the controller indicate the buttons, up, down, left, and right), you will be be able to look up or down. This move is crucial for performing the Egg Aiming technique. You will be able to see above you and below you by pressing the up and down C Buttons. The left and right C Buttons will allow you to rotate around 360 degrees. This will help you view things things behind you.

[edit] Z Button

[edit] L Button

The L Button cannot perform any basic moves in Banjo Kazooie.

[edit] R Button

The R Button will work with the C Button. This button will let you change your main perspectives. You can move the camera behind you and in front of you. This will allow you to view things closer and further away from you. This can be helpful if there is small text or symbols which are hard to see.

[edit] Moves

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