2009 Remake of Banjo-Tooie on X-Box 360

Banjo Tooie for the X-Box 360 is planned to be released in Q1 of 2009. The game will feature the exact same story, just that it will have better quality graphics than the Nintendo 64, achievements and different controls for the movements in the game.

Banjo Tooie [X-Box 360 Remake]

Developer4J Studios
PublisherMicrosoft Game Studios
Release Date[NA] Q1 2009

[JP] N/A

[EU] N/A

GenrePlatformer Action
Platform(s)X-Box 360, N64 (Original)

[edit] Information

Banjo Tooie is a sequel to the ever popular Banjo Kazooie game, which is only available on the Nintendo 64.

[edit] Differences from the Nintendo 64

Banjo Tooie for the X-Box 360's main differences are the quality of graphics for the game. In 2000, graphics on the Nintendo 64 were not as clear as graphics on the X-Box 360 today. Since the X-Box 360 controller is different than the Nintendo 64 Controller, different moves can be performed with different butoons and actions with the joy stick.

[edit] Pages

Controls for Banjo Tooie X-Box 360

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