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A picture of Nabnut the squirrel.
Full NameNabnut ???
Series AppearanceBanjo-Kazooie
AppearanceBrown, squirrel-like.
PagesAcorn, Click Clock Wood

Nabnut is a small squirrel who appears in Click Clock Wood in Banjo-Kazooie. Nabnut is a hungry squirrel who has slacked off and not prepared for the winter seasons. He ate too many acorns during the spring season, causing him to become overweight during the summer season. Nabnut will starve if he does not find enough acorns before the winter season.

Nabnut will need your help to obtain 6 acorns before Winter. You will obtain a Jiggy if you are successful.

[edit] Locations of Acorns

First Acorn:
The first acorn is easy to find. It is inside Nabut's house right on top of the ramp. He won't mind if you take it and give it to him later.

Second Acorn:
The second acorn can be found in the center of the circular path. It is hard to obtain. If you miss the acorn, you will fall down, and will have to climb the tree again as a result.

A picture of Nabut happily sleeping during Winter.

Third Acorn:
If you get the second acorn, you will land on a steep ledge instead. The third acorn can be found there. It is easy to fall down; if you do, you will need to climb back up onto the tree.

Fourth Acorn:
The next acorn can be found by going up the tilted path using Kazooie's talon trot.

Fifth Acorn:
The fifth acorn can be found by breaking into a window inside the tree and entering a room flooded with water. Swim to the bottom to obtain the fifth acorn.

Sixth Acorn:
The sixth acorn can be found in Nabnut's house on top of an unsturdy bookcase.

[edit] Other

More information on Nabnut and his acorns can be found on the Acorn page.

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