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[edit] Summary

A picture of the game board and it's various panels in Furnace Fun.

Gruntilda's own game show-like game in Banjo-Kazooie is a trivial game in which Gruntilda quizzes you with various facts on the game. This event is the last challenge given by Grunty before you are prompted to defeat Grunty in the final battle before the sequel, Banjo Tooie.

[edit] Panels

  • Banjo-Kazooie - This is the main panel that will appear on the game board. By landing on this panel, Grunty will ask you a random question about the game worlds. To proceed, you must answer the question correctly, otherwise Grunty will take away one of your honeycombs.
  • Blank - Blank panels can be found all over the game board and sometimes contain extra honeycombs or lives. There are a total of four extra lives on the game board.
  • Eyeball - By landing on this panel, Grunty will ask you a question by showing you a screenshot from a various world within the game. To proceed to the next panel, Banjo will have to correctly answer which world the image is from, otherwise, Grunty will remove one of Banjo's honeycombs.
  • Grunty - When Banjo and Kazooie land on this panel, they will be prompted to answer a question solely related to Grunty's life. Most of the questions asked are awkward questions. The only way to know the answers to these questions are to have been talking to Grunty's kinder sister, Brentilda. Because of Brentilda and Gruntilda's feud, Brentilda will always tell Banjo three of her secrets when he approaches her to talk. Brentilda can be found all over Spiral Mountain.
  • Joker - When Banjo lands on this panel, they will receive a random question just like the Skull panel. If they answer the question correctly, the two will receive two Joker Cards, which can be used to skip two of the panels if used.
  • Note - When the duo land on this panel, Grunty will immediately play a tune from the game. The tune can vary from the voice of a character within the game, to the tune of the world it is from. To proceed, Banjo must select the tune which Grunty plays.
  • Skull - This panel is the most dangerous. The category of this panel can be anything (Eye, Banjo-Kazooie, Grunty, etc...). The penalty for answering Grunty's question incorrectly is much more severe than any of the other panels. Instead of losing one of Banjo's honeycombs, instead, the panel will drop into the pit of lava (furnace) below.

[edit] Dialog

Banjo-Kazooie Panel: "A little answer's all I seek, About this game you furry geek!"
Blank Panel: Nothing
Eyeball Panel: "A visual challenge you stupid bear, To tell me who is it or where!"
Grunty Panel: "I think it's time, so let me see, How much you know of little old me!"
Joker Panel: "Just one chance to get this right, Win a joker and help it might!"
Note Panel: "A question on the sounds I play, Get it wrong to make my day!"
Skull Panel: "Get this wrong for Grunty's sake, Then a lava bath you will take!"

[edit] Common Categories Of Questions

  • The amount of notes to unlock doors
  • Names of popularized characters in certain worlds
  • Questions of Grunty's personal life. Almost all of these questions can only be answered if you have talked to Grunty's nicer sister, Brentilda, as she tends to tell a lot of Grunty's most embarrassing secrets to Banjo and Kazooie.

[edit] Questions asked from Furnace Fun (Incomplete)

The host, Grunty during the game.

Question:: Spiral Mountain's got my face, how many molehills are in this place?

  • Correct Answer: 8. False Answers: 9, and 7.

Question: In Spiral Mountain, fields are green, which veggie baddie isn't seen?

  • Correct Answer: Spuddy the Potato. False Answers: Topper the Carrot, Colliwobble the Cauliflower.

Question: Me and her look just the same, Grunty's sister what's her name?

  • Correct Answer: Brentilda. False Answers: Bruntella, Boghandle.

Question: You found enough, you know the score, How many notes for the 1st note door?

  • Correct Answer: 50. False Answers: 100, 75.

Question: You found enough; you know the score, How many notes for the 2nd note door?

  • Correct Answer:180. False Answers: 75, 50.

Question: You found enough; you know the score, How many notes for the 3rd note door?

  • Correct Answer:260. False Answers: 100, 75.

Question: You found enough; you know the score, How many notes for the 4th note door?

  • Correct Answer: 350. False Answers: 100, 75.

Question: You found enough; you know the score, How many notes for the 5th note door?

  • Correct Answer: 450. False Answers: 100, 75.

Question: You found enough; you know the score, How many notes for the 6th note door?

  • Correct Answer: 640. False Answers: 100, 75.

Question: You found enough; you know the score, How many notes for the 7th note door?

  • Correct Answer: 765. False Answers: 100, 50.

Question: In Mumbo's Village in the middle, which tall object solves this riddle?

  • Correct Answer: Juju

Question: In Mumbo's Mountain you don't know, what does that big gorilla throw?

Question: On Mumbo's Mountain in the lake, what's in there make no mistake?

  • Correct Answer: A school of Fish

Question: Mumbo's Mountain is a thrilla, what's the name of the gorilla?

Question: Mumbo's Mountain, Bottles is there, which move was learned, you stupid pair?

Question: Mumbo's Mountain is easy for sure, how many Jigsaws open its door?

  • Correct Answer: 1

Question: On Mumbo's Mountain, it's not dull, what's in the eye of Mumbo's Skull?

  • Correct Answer: Something Else

Question: On Mumbo's Mountain, surrounded by sea, there's a Jinjo, what color is he?

  • Correct Answer: Blue

Question: On Mumbo's Mountain, they look flash, how many huts were there to smash?

  • Correct Answer: 6

Question: There's a tower in which they hide, on Mumbo's Mountain, what's inside?

  • Correct Answer: Ticker the Termite

Question: In Mumbo’s Mountain, the shaman's dumb, What useless creature do you become?

  • Correct Answer: Termite

Question: In Treasure Trove Cove, within this game, what is the leaking bucket's name?

Question: In Treasure Trove you need quick legs, which of my nasties ate your eggs?

Question: Jinjos are a crafty lot, on Treasure Trove Cove, where are they not?

  • Correct Answer: Inside treasure chest

[edit] Prizes

The first, second, and third prizes of Furnace Fun.

There are three different prizes that can be obtained after completing Grunty's gameshow. Banjo will receive the prize corresponding to the amount of times he got answers correct/incorrect. The third place prize is large Grunty doll that is human-sized. This doll makes a few appearances in later games, one of which in Banjo Tooie's, Jolly Roger Lagoon. The second place prize is a washing machine. Finally, the first place prize is Tooty, yet you will still have to beat Gruntilda in the final battle to complete the game.

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