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Full NameEyrie ???
Series AppearanceBanjo-Kazooie
AppearanceEagle-like, grey, white
SizeExtra Large
PagesCaterpillars, Click Clock Wood

Eyrie is a large eagle who only appears in Banjo Kazooie. He lives in a large nest up at the top of the great tree in Click Clock Wood. Eyrie will give you a Jiggie if you find enough Caterpillars for him to eat. The caterpillars can be found throughout Click Clock Wood's seasons.

[edit] Locations of Caterpillars

  • Near the tree house.
  • On the ground during the Summer time.
  • Outside Mumbo Jumbo's skull.
  • By the stream when it is dried up.
  • Near the flower by Mumbo's skull.
  • Right beside Nabnut's house.
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